Explore Cybersecurity with an NSA Senior Leader - Mr. Rob Joyce, Director of Cybersecurity

Title of Chat: Explore Cybersecurity with an NSA Senior Leader
Chat Presenter: Mr. Rob Joyce
Date of Chat: 21 Oct 2021
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Description of Chat: During this NCF #CyberChats session, a senior leader from the National Security Agency (NSA), Mr. Rob Joyce, Director of Cybersecurity, shared personal career experience, as well as information about opportunities available for high school and middle school students.

As NSA's Director of Cybersecurity, Mr. Joyce oversees the agency’s Cybersecurity Directorate, established in October 2019 to prevent and eradicate cyber threats to the Department of Defense, National Security Systems, and the Defense Industrial Base.

Key Questions
* What is it like working at the NSA?
* What opportunities are available to students?

Expected Outcomes
* Students will learn that cybersecurity professionals are needed in all areas of industry!

This Chat was originally presented via Nepris. You can view a recording of the Chat on Nepris.com with a Nepris account.

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