Bots Discussion & Cyber Careers - with Blair Banker

Title of Chat: Discussion About Bots & Cyber Careers

CyberChat Presenter: Blair Banker

Date/Location: 6 October 2021, 1pm Eastern - via Nepris online classroom. (Click here to view the recording. You will need to sign into Nepris to view the recording. You can obtain a free Nepris account.)

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Level of Students: High School or Middle School

Description of Chat: Bots account for almost half of all internet traffic. Though they go by different names, like internet bots, web bots, robots, crawlers, and spiders, the goal is the same, to move through the web for 24 hours a day. While some are ‘good’ bots like search engine and feed fetching bots, most are ‘bad’ bots. Imperva stated on April 13, 2021, that over a quarter of web traffic comes from bad bots, which means that 1 in 4 website visitors is a bad bot. In this NCF #CyberChat, Blair Banker discussed the bots, as well as explored various aspects of cyber careers.

Big Idea of Topic Areas: This #CyberChat will highlight the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines' Big Ideas such as SYSTEM SECURITY and will also cover Cyber Careers..

Key Questions:
What is a typical “day in the life” of a cyber professional?
What are the best and most challenging parts of the job?
What is the typical education background, specific training and/or certifications required?
What is the future of this field?
How one might gain the experience necessary?
What can students do now to prepare themselves for a future career in cyber?

Expected Outcomes:
Awareness of the importance of cybersecurity to protect and defend our national way of life.
Understanding the threats and impact of malicious cyber activity.
Understanding the need for cybersecurity professionals.
Summarize the breadth of cybersecurity opportunities students may not have explored.

About the Presenter:

Blair Banker graduated from Purdue University with a Master's in Business Analytics and Information Management before joining ECS Federal, LLC as a Jr. Cybersecurity Data Scientist. His current role includes building and maintaining data pipelines, supporting Sr. Data Scientists in constructing mathematical models, and assisting management with back-end and client-facing processes and applications.

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