How Your Past Impacts Your Future Security Clearance - with Jennifer Munt of the Fort Meade Alliance

Date of Chat: 18 May 2021
Title of Chat: How Your Past Impacts Your Future Security Clearance
Chat Topic: Career Prep
Chat Presenter: Jennifer Munt - Education and Workforce Director at the Ft. Meade Alliance
Recording: View a recording of this Chat via our YouTube channel.
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During this NCF #CyberChats session, Jennifer Munt, Education and Workforce Director at the Ft. Meade Alliance, introduces students to the Intelligence Community and explores the who, how, and why of security clearances. Through this discussion, students are challenged to think about the ways in which the actions and choices they make today can affect their future career paths – whether they choose to pursue a security-cleared career or not. 

Project SCOPE (Security Clearance Overview and Preparation Education) at the Ft. Meade Alliance, aims to help students understand, navigate and master the security clearance process. See online contact info for SCOPE below.

Key Questions:

  • What is the Intelligence Community, and who is a part of it?
  • What is a security clearance, and what do the different levels mean?
  • How do the behaviors of a student today affect their future?
  • How does a security clearance help advance one’s career?
  • Are security clearances only needed for a career in cybersecurity?  


Students will:

  • Understand how their past can affect their future.
  • Identify the perks that come with a security clearance.
  • Identify career fields that require clearance, understanding that these opportunities are not limited to cybersecurity or members of the military, but also include banking, healthcare professions, research labs, law firms, construction, etc. 

This Chat was held via Nepris online.

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