Staying Safe on the Internet - with guests from K12 Cyber and Purdue CERIAS

Date of Chat: 9 Feb 2021
Link to the Recording: View a recording of the program on YouTube.
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Chat Description: Are you worried about on-line activities? Do you wonder how to protect your phone?  Is that picture I posted really there forever? How do companies know I wanted a new pair of jeans? Who is watching over my virtual shoulder?  For Safer Internet Day 2021, we assembled young people who could answer these questions and more along with providing tips on how to stay safe on the Internet. 

Charissa Kim from K-12 CyberTalk ( along with Kirsten Gibson, Cara Groff, and Kaitlyn Knabe from Purdue’s CERIAS ( joined Mark Loepker, National Cryptologic Foundation, for a panel discussion on the challenges of living and operating on the Internet.

This NCF #CyberChats session took place via our Nepris online classroom.

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