Cybersecurity in the Digital Era with Mark Loepker

Cybersecurity in the Digital Era with Mark Loepker

Date of Chat: 1 Dec 2020
Chat Title: Cybersecurity in the Digital Era
Chat Topic: Cybersecurity awareness and career experiences
Chat Presenter: Mark Loepker
Recording: View a recording of this chat via our YouTube channel.
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During this NCF #CyberChats session - Mark Loepker discusses what he referred to as his "field experiences" in cybersecurity for a remote classroom of students. These students attend a coding class and their instructor requested this chat to help his students to become more aware of cybersecurity and to prepare them to be responsible citizens. There is an increasing demand for cyber professionals to help protect and defend our country and its citizens in the digital environment. The instructor hopes to help students discover their talents and passions.

This session was presented via Nepris online.


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