Discover Systems Security Engineering - with guest Sandi Roddy of JHU-APL

Date of Chat: 13 Nov 2020
Chat Topic: System Security (Big Idea #5 of the Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines) and cyber careers
Chat Presenter: Sandi Roddy of JHU-APL
Recording: View a recording of the chat via our YouTube channel.
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Chat Description: This #CyberChats session was focused on the Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines' Big Idea #5: SYSTEM SECURITY and featured guest speaker Sandi Roddy of JHU-APL. Sandi also discusses cyber career information during this Chat.

Systems Security Engineering (SSE) focuses on making sure the “system” (whether in a hospital, home or bank) works the way it should in the event something goes wrong. That ‘something’ can be a cyber attack, an error (human or machine), or, an unexpected event. 

SSE means figuring out how to design, develop and test systems – either from scratch or fixing existing systems. Security engineers also need to think about how the system may break down and understand what that means to the hospital, home, or bank.

Software development skills, hardware integration skills, understanding how economics affects decision making, knowing how people use the system (a bit of psychology mixed in!) and how businesses work are all useful. Don’t expect all those skills to be in one person. Being able to work in teams of people with different expertise is the surest way to success.

This #CyberChats session took place via Nepris online.

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