Developing the Workforce of the Future - with Tony Sager, Shirley Dominick, and Dr. Linda Singh

Date of Chat: 10 Nov 2020
Title of Chat: Developing the Workforce of the Future
Chat Topic: Cyber Careers
Chat Presenters: Tony Sager, Shirely Dominick, and Dr. Linda Singh
Recording: View a recording of this chat via our YouTube channel.
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This Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week NCF #CyberChats session features guest speakers Tony Sager, Center for Internet Security; Shirley Dominick, retired USAF; and Dr. Linda Singh, Kaleidoscope Affect, LLC. This panel of experts helps participants learn more about diversity in cybersecurity by exploring experiences that deepen the diversity and inclusion dialogue.

Each speaker shares his or her story to increase understanding, expand perspectives, and provide participants with facts and activities to help them examine their own thoughts, behaviors, experiences and reactions. Students learn how they can uniquely contribute to a vital and complex mission. 

This #CyberChats session took place via Nepris online.

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