Being a Skeptic with Finesse: Becoming a Red Teamer - With Wade Forbes

Date of Chat: 4 Nov 2020
Chat Topic: Being a Skeptic with Finesse: Becoming a Red Teamer
Chat Presenter: Wade Forbes
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Description of Chat:

Learn how to set the right conditions within your organization to offer adversarial thinking, unorthodox ideas, and alternative analysis. During this NCF #CyberChats session presented by Wade Forbes, we explore the different meanings of red teaming so you know how to position yourself and get your ideas heard.

Now more than ever, organizations are in desperate need of diverse teams to ensure they are staying ahead of their adversaries and competitors. Students will learn a few techniques and potential avenues to enter into this very exciting field. 

This chat was presented via Nepris online.

Key Questions:

  • What does it mean to be a Red Teamer?
  • What are some ways to get your ideas heard?
  • What are some techniques and potential avenues for this exciting field?
  • What is the typical educational background of cyber professionals?
  • How does one gain experience in cybersecurity?
  • What can students do now to prepare themselves for a future career in cyber?


Students will learn about being a Red Teamer as well as gain some general introductory info into careers in cybersecurity.

About our Presenter:

Wade Forbes is currently working as an independent consultant in USCYBERCOM's plans, strategy, and policy directorate as a Red Team Practitioner on their design team. For the last 10 years, Wade has offered his colleagues alternative analysis, unorthodox thought pieces, and offering illustrations depicting our current thinking about issues that are illusive and difficult to solve. In 2012, Wade helped found the Command's red team within the intelligence directorate. When Wade is not in the Command, he is illustrating for the NSA history department and graphic recording and illustrating for commercial clients.

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