Applying the Megacommunities Concept in Cybersecurity - with Mark Gerencser of UMUC

Date of Chat: 2 June 2020
Chat Title: The Megacommunities Concept in Cybersecurity
Chat Topic: Ubiquitous connectivity
Chat Presenter: Mark Gerencer (UMUC)
Recording: View a recording of this Chat via our YouTube channel.
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In this session, Mark Gerencer of the University of Maryland University College introduces students to the 'megacommunity' concept, a framework for reaching solutions to today's complex problems. Our increasingly globalized and interconnected world calls for a new type of tri-sector leadership in which business, government, and civil society work together in a state of permanent negotiation. To be effective, tomorrow's leaders will need to reach across national and sector divisions to form a collaborative 'megacommunity.' This session presents a broad introduction to key ‘megacommunity’ principles and how this concept can be applied to cybersecurity.

This #CyberChats session took place via Nepris online.

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