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##CyberChats Podcast Summer Episode - "Diving Into System Security: Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Devices Safe"

Thursday, July 4, 2024Thursday, July 18, 2024

In this Independence Day episode of the #CyberChats podcast summer series, our host James Walsh dives into the topic of System Security with a wide array of helpful tips.

Ready to level up your digital security? In today's must-listen episode, we reveal top secrets to make your phone, laptop, or PC virtually impenetrable to bad actors. How do you reduce your attack surface? How do you limit access to your location data? Why should you remove apps you don't use? What makes a good password, and how do I remember all these passwords? These powerful insights are just a click away. Tune in now and join #CyberChats' host, James Walsh, as we transform your digital life with unbeatable security.

Topics discussed: system security, location data, unused apps, strong password creation, password managers

Did you complete the MetaCTF Challenge "Lost in the Woods?" James will go over this challenge and his solution in detail during our next episode. Click below to learn more about the challenges and to register to compete individually or join a team.