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NCF #CyberChat: Panel Discussion: Careers in Cybersecurity

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
3:00 pm3:35 pm

During this NCF #CyberChat - Join a panel of professionals from various cyber careers, as they share details about their career paths and current job available in the cybersecurity industry. The panel will consist of both younger and older professionals, and will focus on cyber careers such as IT (information technology) and Penetration Testing. Participants will be encouraged to interact with panelists and ask questions. This session is part of the NCF Cybersecurity series of virtual presentations. See the link below to view an Archive of prior NCF #CyberChats recordings.

Register via Nepris to attend the live session or to receive a link to the recording. Links to recordings are also available via the NCF website.

Key Questions:
* How did you become interested in cybersecurity?
* What are the qualifications needed to get a job in cybersecurity career field?
* What types of cybersecurity careers are available?
* How did you know what branch of cybersecurity that you wanted to go into?
* What is the starting salary like in cybersecurity?
* What is the work environment like?

Expected Outcomes:
Students will learn that cybersecurity is a large career field with lots of available jobs. There are numerous paths to gaining entry into the field and there are lots of opportunities to grow and learn.