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NCF Participation in the 2023 Maryland STEM Festival's Opening Ceremony.

To kick off the 2023 Maryland STEM Festival, the Opening Ceremony was held on October 12th at Howard Community College and featured over 26 organizations, including the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF). Organizations exhibited a variety of STEM activities, and our NCF team displayed our Cybersecurity Computer Game, Amanita Whitehat, our Outsmart Cyberthreats booklet collection, and more.

As a sponsor of the 2023 Maryland STEM Festival, the NCF’s attendance at the Opening Ceremony served as a way to strengthen our relationship with the organization and connect with more individuals. The event was set to draw upwards of 250 young people and families who fit our target audience.

As part of our participation, the NCF had a table featuring some of our offerings, such as the Outsmart Cyberthreats booklet for youth, the How to Be Cyber Safe & Savvy data care booklet for adults, information about our annual Cyber Saturday free event, and details about our CyberChats programs and podcast. In addition, our laptop was set up to display our latest online cybersecurity game, attracting several young attendees who inquired about our offerings and played the game. Of course, our game fits in perfectly with this year's Festival theme of "STEM-ertainment."

The event attracted a significant attendance, and we were approached with a request to organize our Escape Room for a November event.

The 2023 Maryland STEM Festival takes place from October 13th - November 11th. Learn more at on the Maryland STEM Festival website.

NCF's Education Program booth at the 2023 Maryland STEM Festival Kick-Off - Jen Langdon and Dr. Alisha Jordan