About the Logo

National Cryptologic Museum Foundation Logo

While many people may wonder what the dots and dashes in our logo represent, others will immediately recognize them as Morse code. Although the code in our logo lacks the exact amount of space generally inserted by Morse code operators between letters (equivalent of 3 dots), it is still very easy to uncover our intended message. 

The breakout of the Morse code in our logo is as follows:

dash dot dash dot-- C    
dot dash dot- R            
dash dot dash dash - Y  
dot dash dash dot - P  
dash - T                        -  
dash dash dash - O       
dot dash dot dot - L         
dash dash dash - O         
dash dash dot - G          
dot dot - I              
dash dot dash dot - C    

As you can see, dots and dashes in our logo spells out CRYPTOLOGIC.

Throughout our Web site you will notice additional examples of Morse code used as make-shift dividers or other page design elements. These examples either spell out NCMF or NCMF/NCM.

The National Cryptologic Museum (NCM) uses a similar version of the NCMF logo.

National Cryptologic Museum Logo