The NCF's CCEI Presents a Cyber Education Community of Interest (COI)

The Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI), part of the National Cryptologic Foundation, presents the Cyber Education Community of Interest (COI). The COI is an online space for middle school educators (counselors, teachers, librarians, support staff, administrators, homeschool educators, and more) to gather to collaborate and explore resources (shared by educators or by partner organizations) to help bring cyber education to their students.

Are you a middle school educator?

COI QR code

Join the COI in 2 quick steps:

1. Complete the Google Form at  (you can also use the QR code to get to the COI form)

2. After submitting the form, a private invitation link will appear. Click the link and create a profile in the COI on Slack.

Are you an organization?

COI org channel example screenshot

Do you want to share your organization’s resources, hear from educators about their needs, and receive valuable feedback and input on your offerings? By moderating an #org Channel on the COI's Slack account, your organization can connect with your target audience and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Learn more about how to become an #org Channel Moderator by emailing with the subject line: “#org Channel Moderator + [name of your organization]”

Questions? Email us! 

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