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Revisiting a Special Anniversary......The Brieres Honor the Friedmans with an Anniversary Cryptogram!

Elizebeth and William Friedman, pioneering cryptanalysts, were married on May 21, 1917. Their hundredth anniversary did not go unnoticed by fans Jew-Lee and Bill Briere, of Wyoming. They, like the Friedmans, met and fell in love while working on cryptograms.

In 2017, the Brieres hosted a celebration at the National Cryptologic Museum, complete with a presentation, wedding cake, refreshments, and several souvenir cryptograms (a cryptic token, an enciphered bookmark, and a "Cryptocablegram").

The Brieres describe the souvenirs as "very simple and rough-hewn in design, similar to items produced by the Friedmans for their family and friends almost a hundred years ago." These free puzzles are still available HERE.

Many thanks to Bill and Jew-Lee Briere for their enthusiasm about the Friedmans and for sharing this information for the NCMF website.

It's December 1928 and Elizebeth and William Friedman sent a coded holiday gram to friends and loved ones. The codebreaking couple fortunately included a grille overlay that with a series of quarter turns would reveal the complete message. The full message reads..."For Christmas greetings in '28; Brings you word of xmas cheer; A crypto telephotogram here; We use a means quite up to date."

Below are images of the Friedman's Christmas cryptogram. Click on each for a larger view.