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Member - Ms. Toni Verstandig

Member - Ms. Toni Verstandig

Toni Verstandig is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Verstandig Family Foundation (VFF). Mrs. Verstandig has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs where she focused on the Middle East specifically the Israel-Palestinian Conflict and ways to create a pathway to broaden the aperture for enhanced Arab-Israel normalization and support for the two-state solution. She also covered the Arabian Gulf portfolio. Ms. Verstandig chaired the Aspen Institute’s Middle East Program which developed several innovative programs, Partners for New Beginning, and the Aspen-Abu Dhabi Next-Gen Leadership and Innovation Program.

Mrs. Verstandig is actively engaged in the Washington community and serves on the National Democratic Institute Board, University of Denver’s Korbel Graduate School for International Affairs, the National Cryptologic Foundation, the Institute of Peace’s International Advisory Board, and the Risk and Return Foundation. She recently completed a 20 year-Board tenure at Children’s National Hospital where she was Chair of the Children’s National Hospital Foundation and served on the Parent Board and the Center For Global Development as Chair of Nomination & Governance Subcommittee.

She is a graduate of Boston University and received an Honorary Doctorate from Seton Hill University. She is married to The Honorable Lee L. Verstandig


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