The National Cryptologic Museum Foundation exists to support the National Cryptologic Museum.  Our joint mission is to inform the public about the vital contribution made to the national security of the United States by the signals intelligence and information security services, and to commemorate the men and women who made the difference.

Our objective is to help the Museum become the best institution of its kind in the world.

We assist the Museum with advisory support and with the acquisition and display of memorabilia and artifacts that explain the role cryptology has played in peace and war. We also aid the Museum in facilitating research into now-unclassified materials about signals intelligence and information security.

We provide financial support to the Museum by seeking both corporate and individual members of the Foundation. We also sponsor a variety of programs to expand and inform our membership and to increase interest and participation in the Museum and its development.

The National Cryptologic Museum Foundation comports itself in accordance with the highest ethical standards, consistent with the requirements of a not-for-profit institution.