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NCF Education Program Partnership Initiatives

  • Through NCF programs and partnerships, the richness of our combined cybersecurity expertise engages, excites, and encourages the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow.

    Learn about many of our partnership initiatives - to include the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines, the "Outsmart Cyberthreats" booklet for middle school students, a cybersecurity escape room (soon to be mobile), a new cybersecurity gaming kiosk, and much more.

Educational Programs & Events

  • The NCF offers industry #CyberChats designed to promote cybersecurity education and inspire those who are interested in a career in the field.

  • Starting in 2021, the NCF began to host virtual cryptologic programs - to include our special 25th Anniversary-related programs.

  • The NCF hosts quarterly cryptologic programs, as well as an annual Membership Meeting & Symposium featuring guest speakers. We also partner with the NSA's Center for Cryptologic History in promoting various programs & lectures. In addition, we strive to promote the programs of related organizations.

  • The NCF's Education Program hosts Cybersecurity Events with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), as well as other community partners. Featuring experts in the field, these events include webinars and events at locations around the National Capitol Region.

NCF Educational Support for the Museum

  • Since the Foundation was established in 1996, we have been acquiring rare and invaluable artifacts, publications, and other items for the Museum. From one-of-a-kind cipher devices to rare letters, photos, and publications - the variety of items is extensive.

  • The Foundation has often supported educational exhibits and displays at the NCM and acquired special elements - such as the Magic Globe.

  • With the support of companies such as NiSus, the Foundation has provided interactive cryptologic game kiosks for the Museum. A new game is currently being developed as part of an education grant provided by Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. Anne Arundel Community College has sponsored a three-student intern team to develop, design, construct, and deliver an operational cybersecurity themed gaming Kiosk for the Museum. This project will teach the interns project management and leverage their cybersecurity, networking, digital forensics, and computer science knowledge. The target audience is K-12 with a focus on middle school.

Educational Articles & Resources

  • provides educators with teaching materials, developed by educators, and based upon the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines. The Teach Cyber courseware is creative commons licensed, thus giving educators the rights to adopt, adapt, and disseminate the Teach Cyber course.

  • Recommended links related to cybersecurity education.

  • With the emphasis on cybersecurity, we will publish periodic papers, as well as links to resources we feel are informative and interesting to our community.

  • The Maryland Center for Computing Education (MCCE) partnered in October 2020 with the National Cryptologic Foundation, Towson University, and SANS to produce a video series highlighting careers in cyber. Click to see the video series as well as a variety of resources for students and educators.

  • A collection of cryptology-related items such as articles, blog posts, photographs, books, videos, and artifacts. Also features our "On This Date in History" calendar that includes dates of note from the Center for Cryptologic History's annual Cryptologic Calendar.

  • Keeping our community updated with relevant news, press releases, reviews of papers or events, and more.

  • Links to other organizations and communities with related missions. In addition to links to government sites, there are also links to military alumni sites, museums, and related associations.

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