• The In Memoriam panel records the sponsor name and the honoree for which a donation of $5,000 or more has been given to the Foundation in their memory.

  • The In Memoriam Registry allows colleagues, friends, and families to recognize departed individuals who have served within the cryptologic community during their careers.

  • Pause and pay tribute to those in our community who recently passed away. Your donations in their name can help them to be included in the In Memoriam Registry. Check here also for information about funeral or memorial details, where to send condolences, and more.

  • The Benefactor and Patron Panel lists the names of individuals or corporations that have made major contributions in support of the Foundation -- $5,000 for recognition as a Patron and $10,000 for recognition as a Benefactor.

  • The NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor, exhibited in the NCM, was created in 1998 and pays tribute to Americans and others who have given especially distinguished service to the United States in cryptology and its related fields. The process is open to all individuals, military and civilian.

  • Our support of the Museum serves to Commemorate not only the people, but the many contributions made to the fields of cryptology, computers, cybersecurity, and more. Click to learn more about the Museum.


Nominate a colleague, friend, or family member for the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor.