Message from NSA Director

Admiral Michael S. Rogers



Message from Admiral Michael S. Rogers, USN
Commander, U.S. Cyber Command Director, National Security Agency/Central Security Service

Lt Gen Kenneth Minihan, USAF (Ret)
Chairman, Founders Group Cyber Center for Education & Innovation-New Museum Project Campaign
National Cryptologic Museum Foundation

Dear General Minihan:

THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY HAS PARTNERED WITH the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation for nearly two decades on the continued enrichment and enhancement of the National Cryptologic Museum. The Foundation and NSA share common goals of cultivating the cryptologic profession and motivating future generations of mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, and linguists. The Museum is NSA’s principal gateway to the public, sharing our cryptologic legacy, our place in world history, and our contributions to the Nation. The only public museum in the Intelligence Community, the National Cryptologic Museum has served as an invaluable educational tool, hosting tours for thousands of students and teachers each year. The museum library supports the exhibits and encourages visitors to research various areas of cryptologic history.

The Foundation is pursuing a vision of a new world-class facility that will host the National Cryptologic Museum and continue to celebrate cryptologic heroes and technologies of their trades. This vision includes:

-  An expanded exhibit area and engaging interactive displays of our iconic artifacts and stories;
-  An environmentally controlled library to house the Museum’s collection of documents and rare books; and
-  Classrooms and an auditorium that will support increased educational and public outreach, lectures, and special events.

We fully support that vision and are grateful for the hard work and commitment of the Foundation.

Michael S. Rogers
Admiral, U.S. Navy Director, NSA