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Prairie View A&M University
Undergraduate level.

“Capacity Building on Privacy Education through Curriculum Development.”

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Topics and Subtopics include:

“Introduction to Privacy” with emphasis on the difference between privacy and traditional security, and privacy policies and regulations.

“Theoretical Foundation of Privacy Preserving” with emphasis on fundamental privacy preserving models, and the trade-off between privacy protecting and data utility.

And “Information Privacy” with emphasis on:

“Privacy Preserving in Online Social Networks” with emphasis on attacks against data published from social media, data anonymization algorithms, de-anonymization attacks and defenses, and privacy issues in the usage of applications on social media.

“Privacy Preserving In The Internet of Things” with emphasis on in-home pattern disclosure in the data collected by smart meters, anonymizing smart meter data, the leakage of private information from IoT devices at smart homes, and privacy breaches in a smart city.

“Web And Network Traffic Privacy” with emphasis on an introduction to web cookies and JavaScript, tracking browsing history, TCP/IP protocols and network fundamentals, and network data anonymization with Tor.

And “Location Privacy” with emphasis on location privacy in wireless networks, location privacy in location based services, location inference from image online, and tracking users online with geo-tagged data.

NCWF Categories included:

Securely Provision (SP)

Operate and Maintain (OM)

Protect and Defend (PD)

Investigate (IN)

NCWF Specialty Areas included:


NCWF KSAs included:



Three courses, with the last course being broken down into four modules. These four modules can be taught as part of the “Information Privacy” course, or independently. Lecture contents, labs, and assignments are included. Lab topics include: “Location Privacy in Location Based Services,” “Relationship Protection in Social Media,” “Privacy and In-Home Activities Inference from Smart Meter Data,” “Privacy Leak from IoT Devices at Smart Homes,” “Tor,” and “Tracking Web Browsing History.”

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