CCEI Education Overview
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Welcome to the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation’s Education Program. One of the three NCMF tenets is Educate. Our mission is to educate the public, especially the nation’s brightest young minds. As a nationally reputed provider of assured quality cyber education resources focused on K-20 cohorts, our efforts help reduce cyber workforce deficits and current skills shortfalls, thereby promoting cyber professions as a fulfilling career choice.

While partnering with the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security’s Collegiate Center of Academic Excellence program, the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) focuses our primary efforts on K-12 students, teachers, counselors, and administrators.

These cybersecurity education programs are paving the way to develop and recruit the deep expertise so desperately needed in both our civilian and military populations. It is our goal to pique K-12 students’ interest in these fields so that as they enter the workforce or college, they will pursue related cybersecurity practitioner majors to defend and preserve our way of life. We welcome your feedback and dialogue to explore new and improved opportunities to educate our K-12 students.

  • This Introduction to Cybersecurity introduces students to the principles of cybersecurity and invites them to think critically about the need for and responsibility of keeping data and systems safe. Students will gain knowledge and work with existing cybersecurity problems and solutions. It is our belief that providing these Guidelines will inspire curriculum providers, teachers, and industry to create curriculum attractive to high school students, some of whom we hope will pursue a profession in cybersecurity. Perhaps more important than providing qualified individuals for the workforce is the development of thinkers with a cybersecurity mindset that can enhance whichever profession they choose to pursue.

  • Join the CCEI in the virtual classroom provided by Via this online platform, the CCEI offers industry chats designed to promote cybersecurity education and inspire those who are interested in a career in the field. Learn about past and upcoming industry chats now, and explore the opportunity of hosting a chat of your own.

  • The “Cybersecurity Labs and Resources Knowledge-base” (CLARK) provides a “one-stop access” to assured quality cybersecurity curriculum addressing topics such as forensics, adversarial thinking, secure coding, SCADA security, and others. It is a living library of cybersecurity curriculum, and a community of cybersecurity educators committed to sustaining it.

  • The Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) co-sponsors Cybersecurity Events with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), as well as other community partners. The programs highlight relevant cybersecurity topics and features experts in the field. These events take multiple forms to include webinars and special events at locations around the National Capitol Region.

  • Recommended links related to cybersecurity education.

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