Volunteer on a Committee

Volunteer on an NCMF Committee

  • Volunteer Needed for the Publicity Committee

    The Foundation’s Publicity Committee is redesigning the Foundation’s information brochure, which we use at the Museum and other events to publicize the role of the Foundation and to recruit new members. We are looking for a volunteer with graphic design skills who could donate his or her time to work with the Publicity Committee on the brochure’s redesign. If you can help, please send an email to cryptmf@aol.com with ATTN: Lynne Rogers in the subject line.

  • Volunteer(s) Needed for the Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee is seeking volunteer(s) to help develop a publicity program for NCMF events. This would involve promoting them not only with our members but more generally with the public, including corporations, so that they may better understand and appreciate the role of cryptology in the defense of our national security Though not required, an individual with a background in public relations or communications would be desirable. Please contact our Communications Committee Chair, Dr. Sally Botsai, if you are interested or have any questions. You can reach Sally via e-mail: wmkslb@aol.com or by telephone: (301)-770-9549.

  • Volunteer(s) Needed for the Membership Committee

    The NCMF Membership Committee Seeks Volunteer(s) to develop a plan and manage an Annual Membership Drive. The NCMF Executive Committee recently completed a Strategic Plan that will carry us forward for approximately 5 years. One of the commitments made in the strategic plan is to significantly increase the number of Foundation members to at least 1,000 by the end of 2012. To do that, we will, for example expand our relationships with Service Cryptologic Element associations, launch a new corporate membership program, and conduct an annual membership drive. If you have experience in running membership drives, we need your help. Please contact our membership committee Chair, Al Gray, if you’re interested in this position or have any questions. You can reach Denny via e-mail at JPUTW2@aol.com.