CCEI Facility


The NCF's CCEI-NCM will launch a cross-sector enterprise encouraging governments, industry, and academia to share insights, knowledge, and resources to strengthen cybersecurity protection across U.S. critical infrastructure. We will:

  • Educate the public, especially the nation’s brightest young minds. As a nationally recognized provider of assured quality cyber education resources focused on K-20 cohorts, our efforts help reduce cyber workforce deficits and current skills shortfalls, thereby promoting cyber professions as a fulfilling career choice.
  • Stimulate public engagement by serving as a venue for robust proactive dialogue on issues of cyber policy, technology, and privacy. As a bridge between government and entrepreneurs, promote innovation to solve our cryptologic challenges. Finally, inspire young students to explore cryptology and other STEM fields of study.
  • Commemorate all “those who serve in silence” in the cryptologic mission with valor and distinction, and whose contributions help enhance and preserve our way of life.


  • Cyber education, conference, and training center
  • State-of-the-art museum of cryptology
  • World class research and rare books library
  • Memorial Air Park

*The new facility will represent a 400% increase in square footage and nearly 9 times the current conference capacity.


  • Site secured; wetlands permit, project Environmental Assessment, and grading permit approved.
  • $4.9 million planning and design matching grant funding obtained from State of Maryland.
  • $18.1 million in pledges and contributions from corporate and private sources secured.
  • Construction Documents (95%) completed and approved by NSA and the NCMF.
  • Congressional authorization for gifting of the completed Facility to NSA with lease back of conference portion to NCMF (enacted and signed by the President).
  • Exhibit Design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), a premier exhibit and media design company has been completed and approved by NSA and the NCMF.
  • Gilbane Building Company on board as the project's Construction Manager.

As we continue our campaign to build the new Cyber Center for Education & Innovation and home of the National Cryptologic Museum, we periodically receive questions about how the construction of the new facility may impact the current museum.

For the most part, the construction of the new facility will not impact current museum operations. Once the new facility is completed, the current museum will be razed. There will be a period of one to two months where the current museum will have to shut down in order to move selected artifacts to the new facility.


The NCM docents and receptionists are key volunteers to making the Museum a success. Consider volunteering today.