The Long Arc of Cybersecurity History & the INTERnet: NCF #CyberChat with Anthony Rutkowski of Netmagic Associates, LLC

This NCF #CyberChat focused on the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines' Big Idea #3: UBIQUITOUS CONNECTIVITY and Big Idea #8: IMPLICATIONS. The Chat featured guest speaker Anthony Rutkowski of Netmagic Associates, LLC

In his presentation, Anthony described the long arc of history of internets, cybersecurity, and how they have been entwined over the decades as technology and deployments have evolved. Treated in some depth are how the National Security Agency began identifying emerging cybersecurity challenges beginning in the late 1960s as new internet technology began to emerge and evolve in unexpected ways. The entwined timelines over the next fifty years was explored as new internet technologies and deployments evolved, and as NSA had to meet the cybersecurity needs to authenticate, protect, and analyze information and services on which we all depend.

This #CyberChat took place via our Nepris online classroom. You will need to create a free Nepris account to view the recording. Learn more and view the recording.

Learn more by watching the Big Idea introduction videos.

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