Modern Cryptography for Everyone: NCF #CyberChat with Justin Troutman of PocketBlock

This #CyberChat focused on the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines' Big Idea #4: DATA SECURITY and featured guest speaker Justin Troutman of PocketBlock.

Presenter Justin Troutman, a cryptographer, will take students on a quick ride through the history of cipher design, from the Greek scytale to the WW2 Enigma, all the way through DES (Data Encryption Standard) and the beginning of modern block cipher. Students will get hands-on with a scaled-down pen 'n paper block cipher that looks and feels like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, the successor to DES), a modern block cipher used in the industry.

This #CyberChat took place via our Nepris online classroom. If you don't already have a Nepris account, you will need to create a free account to view the recording. Learn more and view the recording.

Learn more by watching the Big Idea #4 introduction video presented by Assistant Professor Nolen Scaife, Department of Computer Science and the Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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