Cybersecurity Principles - Careers in Systems Security: NCF #CyberChat with Steve Bellovin of Columbia University

This #CyberChat was focused on the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines' Big Idea #5: SYSTEM SECURITY and featured guest speaker Steve Bellovin of Columbia University. The Chat also provides students with Career Information.

During this #CyberChat, Steve presents a broad introduction to system security principles in cybersecurity along with a variety of his career experiences. Steve provided additional slides to accompany his presentation. Click to view the slides.

This #CyberChat took place via our Nepris online classroom. If you don't already have a Nepris account, you will need to create a free Nepris account to view the recording. Learn more and view the recording.

Learn more by watching the Big Idea #5 introduction video presented by Mr. Jeremy Epstein of the National Science Foundation.

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