In Memoriam Panel

The In Memoriam Panel records the sponsor(s) name(s) and the honoree for whom a donation of $5,000 or more has been given to the Foundation in their memory.

Please note that for some individuals there is a link to learn about their career and accomplishments.


Honoree Sponsor
Albert Dale Braeuninger, 1926-2008 Patron, Mrs. Kathleen Braeuninger
Herbert L. Conley, 1921-1991 Benefactor, Guy Stephens
RADM Jefferson R. Dennis, USN (Ret) Benefactor, Guy Stephens
Lt. Gen Lincoln Faurer, USAF(Ret) NSA and NCMF members and friends and members of the NCMF BOD
Vera Ruth Filby, 1921-2007 Benefactor, Herbert Weakliem, brother
P. William Filby, 1914-2002 Benefactors, Members of the NCMF
Maj. Gen. John E. Morrison, Jr. USAF (Ret) Patrons, NCMF members and friends
K. Speierman, 1928-2001 Benefactors, Mrs. Doris Speierman & children
Charles C. Tevis, 1921-1994 Benefactor, Joe Amato
Milton S. Zaslow, 1921-2008 Patrons, Members of the NCMF