The officers and board of the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation are made up of a distinguished list of members of the intelligence community. Each one is committed to the museum and the ideals it represents.

NCMF Leaders

(l to r): Richard Schaeffer, Jr. NCMF President and NCMF BoD Chairman; John "Chris" Inglis, CCEI Capital Campaign Consultant; & Lt. General Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF (Ret) Chairman, New Museum Founders’ Group.


  • President: Mr. Richard Schaeffer

  • President Emeritus

    Mr. Gene Becker

  • Vice President: Mr. Orville Lewis

  • Vice President Emeritus: Mr. Robert E. Rich

  • Secretary: Ms. Joan Ruhl

  • Treasurer: Mr. Edward Jacobs

  • General Counsel: (vacant)

Board of Directors

New Museum Project

  • Lt. Gen Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF (Ret), Chairman

    Chairman of the Founders' Group

  • CCEI Capital Campaign Consultant

  • MG Roderick Isler, Vice President, Cyber Center for Education & Innovation, New Museum Campaign.
  • Mr. Larry Castro, Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Center for Education & Innovation, New Museum Project.
  • Ms. Carol Stromberg, Executive Administrator
  • Fernando Partners, a consultancy with expertise in public- private project capitalization, organization and development.
  • Ziger/Snead Architects, developed initial site plans and building concepts both through the generous sponsorship of Corporate Office Properties Trust and pro-bono; now retained as Project Architect going forward.
  • Morris & Ritchie Associates (MRA), on-board for Civil and Site Engineering and environmental assessment support.

Executive Committee (EXCOM)


  • Dave D'Auria, Chairman

    The Acquisition Committee (AC) acquires new cryptologic artifacts and artwork for the NCM gallery exhibits and displays, and books, maps and photographs for the NCM Library. We look for items directly related to the signals intelligence (SIGINT) and Information Assurance (IA) mission of the NSA, and the codes and ciphers theme of the NCM. Our interests include rare cipher machines, encryption devices and communications security equipment, and other items and period pieces related to cryptology that enhance our exhibits and gallery displays (e.g., field site photos, cipher textbooks, newspaper headlines, magazine stories, advertising-related items, movies, old security posters, cipher games and toys, etc.). We use a traditional and eclectic mix of sources to acquire items for the NCM. In the recent past those sources have included private collectors and donors, antique malls and shows, flea markets, former NSA/CSS employees, our contractor partners, and yes, even eBay.

Communications & Recognition

  • Sally Botsai, Chairman



  • Al Gray, Chairman

    The Membership Committee focuses on membership services that include recruitment, retention, and reinstatement of members. The Committee represents the NCMF in external activities, such as the Intelligence Community Associations Network and its member organization and the Military Cryptologic Associations, to promote Foundation and Museum activities. The Membership Committee works closely with other Foundation committees, such as Communications and Development on activities that are broader in scope, such as planning for Corporate Memberships, staffing displays and giveaways at other events, etc. .

Outreach Consultant

  • John Garcia, Chairman


  • Brig Gen Billy Bingham, Chairman

    Kirsten Eland
    Bill Ferguson
    Tom Fogarty
    Bill Stevenson
    Mary Faletto

    The Program Committee is responsible for developing presentations that inform and educate Foundation members and guests in the sphere of intelligence and cryptology. There are at least four programs per year, including the annual General Membership Meeting in the Fall.


  • Lynne Rogers, Chairman

Sr. Enlisted Advisor

  • CMSgt Kevin Slater, USAF

Strategic Planning

  • Barbara McNamara, Chairman