The Foundation

  • Learn all about the Foundation - from its history, mission, & logo - to the Board, Staff, important financial updates, & how to get in touch with us.

  • A key component of our mission involves promoting a greater understanding of the role of cryptology in protecting our nation. We also seek to increase awareness of the growing significance of cybersecurity. To achieve these goals, we provide our own quality Cryptologic Conferences & Programs, as well as partner with or promote the work of our sister organizations. In this section you will also find our Cryptologic Bytes section with a variety of cryptology-related articles & items of interest. And finally, don't miss the Cryptanalytic Challenges - you might have the answers we have been waiting for!

  • The NCMF supports the National Cryptologic Museum’s efforts to stimulate interest in the fields of cryptology, cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, mathematics, computers, and other related disciplines. This section provides information about educational tours and activities at the NCM for students and visitors of all ages. You can also learn about the variety of educational activities the NCMF supports, including student outreach, cryptology kiosks for "kids" of any age, and NCMF sponsored awards, including the Milt Zaslow Cryptology Award and the Major Gen. John E. Morrison Award (MD History Day Contest).

  • An important part of our mission involves recognizing and honoring significant contributions made in the field of cryptology. Cryptologic pioneers and leaders are honored by the NCMF and NSA/NCM in a variety of ways, to include the Cryptologic Hall of Honor, the Museum Entrance Display, the In Memoriam Registry, the Benefactor and Patron Panel, and the In Memoriam Panel. Explore the Commemorate Section to learn more about the honorees, as well as how you can recognize those who have made recent contributions.