National Cryptologic Museum

What is "Cryptology" anyway?

The term "Cryptology" has both defensive and offensive aspects as it refers to the arts and sciences involved with both protecting one's information from unintended recipients, and also exploiting an adversary's information. Indeed there are MANY practical needs for cryptology in many segments of today's information age. 

There is a colorful history associated with:

1) the evolution of the technologies that have evolved to fill the needs for cryptology in our society,
2) the people and organizations that have been active in the area, and
3) the value and significance associated with the results.

A very unique unclassified look at some of this colorful history is presented in the National Cryptologic Museum. The museum should also be viewed as continually evolving and expanding.


The Cyber Center for Education & Innovation (CCEI) - Home of the National Cryptologic Museum will celebrate the past and lead us into the future.