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"Remembering the Crew and Cryptologists of Flight RG-407, December 12, 1971." - via

Remembering the Crew & Cryptologists of Flight RG-407, December 12, 1971 By CTIC(SG) Christopher A. Patti on

Ten Sailors gave their lives during the Vietnam War in the defense of their country while flying over the South China Sea on 12 December, 1971. The surviving family members directly petitioned the Navy, through official Navy channels, to have the names of their loved ones placed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. However, none of the names of the crew, or passengers, of flight RG-407 are inscribed. This report (on seeks to inform key decision makers to address this missing honor by providing as complete a picture as possible of the circumstances surrounding this flight, its crew, and its mission.

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