NCF Quarterly Program Recaps Prior to 2020

David Hamer, Dr. Andrew Hodges, and Pat Weadon at the NCM

NCMF UK Liaison David Hamer, Dr. Andrew Hodges, and NCM Curator Pat Weadon at the National Cryptologic Museum - May 2015

Our 20 May 2015 program featured special guest speaker Dr. Andrew Hodges, a Senior Research Fellow in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, and author of Alan Turing: The Enigma. Dr. Hodges' book was the inspiration for the highly-acclaimed film, The Imitation Game.

We felt quite fortunate that at our invitation, Dr. Hodges revised his travel plans to include a stopover in Baltimore to address our membership. He enjoyed meeting our experts and viewing the Turing and Bombe Exhibits at the National Cryptologic Museum.

And there were some more special guests......We were especially glad to have students join us for the May 2015 program, including a very special group of Maryland History Day winners. West Frederick Middle School students Christopher Pondoc, Jamie Roan, Sydney Robinson, Nikolas Struntz, and Hannah Whang will be going to the Nationals for their Web site project about Alan Turing. Their teacher is Ms. Amy Howser. These students visited the National Cryptologic Museum to see the Enigma exhibit. They were able to Skype with Dr. Hodges prior to the NCMF program and then met him in person at the program on May 20th. View their Proces Paper online.

About our guest speaker: Dr. Hodges was elected a fellow at Wadham College in 2007 and appointed Dean in 2011. In 2012, he became a Senior Research Fellow in the Mathematics Institute at Oxford. Dr. Hodges has worked extensively on Twistor geometry and its application to fundamental physics. In the cryptologic community, he is perhaps better known for his work as the biographer of Alan Turing. His book, "Alan Turing: The Enigma," has been called one of the 50 essential books of all time in the British press and is the inspiration for the highly acclaimed film, "The Imitation Game."

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