NSA-NCF Partnership Overview (2022)

For more than 25 years, the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) has been a strategic partner of the National Security Agency (NSA). Through these years, the NCF has been Educating the public on the contributions of the Cryptologic community; Commemorating the many professionals who have “served in silence” in defense of this nation, and Stimulating public interest in the many professional opportunities available in the field of mathematics, science, and the languages that will ultimately accelerate our 21st-century workforce.

Partnership to Construct & Operate the Cyber Center for Education & Innovation (CCEI)

In FY17, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) codified a public-private partnership between the NSA and the NCF to construct and operate the Cyber Center for Education & Innovation (CCEI). The CCEI serves as a cross-sector enterprise delivering programs to encourage academia, government, and industry officials to share insights, knowledge, and resources to promote national cybersecurity, cyber education, and digital innovation. The CCEI platform provides a venue to work in concert with government entities, industry, and academia to share insights, knowledge, best practices, and resources to develop the future workforce to support the cryptologic mission and the broader cybersecurity needs of the nation. Although the construction of a facility for the CCEI is strategically paused (2022) as the NCF and NSA work to determine the optimum way to construct a building that meets Department of Defense requirements, CCEI programs are fully underway!

CCEI Education Program Initiatives Are Well Underway

In 2018, the NCF launched the Education Program of the CCEI. Spanning across the United States, focusing on the K-12 population, we have provided educational resources to school systems, teachers, counselors, and students. As a result of our efforts, the NCF has become a leading expert in K-12 education. Working with local and national partners, we have developed guidelines and a curriculum for high school cybersecurity education, cybersecurity materials for middle school students, and a virtual venue for students to connect with cybersecurity and national security experts to explore careers in cyber-related areas and national security. Building further on this foundation, we plan to expand our program and reach out to bring these resources to distant and under-served communities across Maryland with Cybersecurity Escape Rooms, a cybersecurity booklet for middle school students, online virtual learning, and by sharing artifacts that will stimulate interest in cybersecurity careers.

Changing Our Name to Reflect a Broader Mission

In May of 2021, we changed our name to the National Cryptologic Foundation. This change was made to reflect the broadened mission of the organization as reflected in the programs of the CCEI. In late 2021, the NCF signed a Memorandum of Agreement with NSA based on the Progress Through Partnership vision. This agreement will focus on increasing educational and public engagement opportunities centered on cybersecurity, national security, and the cryptologic mission.

The partnership will continue to link public and private sector experts on national security and cybersecurity – enabling them to collaborate on issues of national security importance.